Sistem Rekrutmen Calon Pegawai Universitas
General Requirement
    • Meet the qualification requirements corresponding to the job formation
    • Meet the specific requirements of respective job formation
    • Each applicant is only allowed to apply for 1 (one) job formation
    • Applicants preferably have related experiences to job formation that he/she applied
    • Applicants must sign employment contract for 2 (years) probation period in RSUI
    • No record of any administration/civil/criminal sanctions (or faulty) or Never had disrespectful termination record
    • Are not holding any structural positions either in organs in the university or outside the university
    • Internal applicants (UI’s current employees) must include a reference from Echelon 2 Management whom claimed that have known the employee are following the recruitment process of RSUI and not in the process of employment disciplinary
    • Internal applicants are not allowed to involve in recruitment process either directly or indirectly
    • Willing to work in full time mode
    • Willing to work in Shift for certain / operational related position
    • Applicant is not a member/committee of political party
    • Applicants Preferably graduated from institution with A accreditation from BAN-PT or having equal recognition from High Education Ministry. For certain position that have no majors that are certified with A accreditation from BAN-PT, graduated from institution with B accreditation from BAN-PT may apply i.e. Electromedic Technician, etc.
    • Able to speak and write in English
    • If passed as employee candidate in the final result, applicants must submit:
      • Police Record (SKCK) issued by the local Polres
      • Medical Check Up and Drug free Certificate from “B” class public hospital